Posted by: akilamoni | August 14, 2004

one day at a time in tiss

Lush green treees, stone walls, a building out of time but right on the highway! That is TISS for U! and just like the mismatch of location we are the error in the college-PMIR STUDENTS! in a social work school!

My journey to tiss was almost a mistake and i thought so till the end of first week in college when u feel that everything thatz happening to you is wrong… You fall ill,u fall down and hit ur head and every one is new and ya u hate the loos! but then now itz almost my home…. The safe precincts of tiss…..

It almost gets u wondering how you can change so fast.From a spoilt brat to ahem an almost responsible person.But then u also start wondering if u will ever be a part of home again in the very sense of it.

I can still remember how my mom used to wait for me at the doorstep while i walked from the bustop(which was jus opp. to my house)! Incase she was missing i would go really mad.Now u have no one to welcome U.Just blank dull walls and ur dirty table….

No one to give u mango juice but jus watery tea in Dining Hall(DH).

But the truth lies in the fact u no longer think of it as a mistake. i have actually stopped cribbing and started enjoying my work.I am amazed at the fact that I have actually started doing my own assignments.All my life in engg there has not been one assignment which i wrote on my own! Things change and u change along with it…who started the change….thatz like who came first the egg or the chicken!

But itz almost like a hallucination for me.I am here watching my life go by and i wonder what I am going to be doing the next part.What more changes are going to take place.Itz almost like and end of a chapter.Itz dream like to see your friends move on with their life.You know itz true but you still have not come to terms with it.


You may say Im a dreamer,

but Im not the only one,



  1. Thatz the beauty of dreams babe… blessed is he who can dream!

  2. what you have written is true..felt it myself…

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