Posted by: akilamoni | February 7, 2006

bc suttah to u all!

I was listening to this song “ BC Suttah” by a Pakistani band called Zeest. Hmmmmm what should I say. Well I am a person who doesn’t swear. Bloody being the max I get…. I don’t smoke, the max I have got with alcohol with is cranberry breezer and taking occasional sips of drinks from others. Ya..yaya….i know definition of a complete tam gal!!! do I regret it? No…. am I looking forward to changing myself to a cool yo types!!! Definitely not!!! But when I heard this song I just couldn’t help enjoying myself. I just couldn’t get enough of it….the song is all about how a guy gave up smoking first due to parents then next to girlfriend and finally because of marriage. It ends with a liberal sprinking of BC MC!!!! PPL u have to listen to this song….. So when my friend saw me enjoy this song so much…..he just remarked…” Gal, there is a person in you who wants to break free and just swear at every1!!!” I think he just caught a glimpse of me….actually each one of us who just wants to break free from the mundane stuff, just thoroughly soak ourselves in all the arbit stuff in the world, doing just the things that which we enjoy…no HR, no marketing no assignments, just plain life…listen to music, read…..and of course endless campus fun….. I cant help but remember the eagles say…”hate growing up so fast!!!”



  1. right on girl!!!!… well said

    ( me ensoyed the song too!!!! )

  2. hey..good to find u here…
    well..i hope life was soo easy…to just sit n enjoy..hearing music..travelling…but then it doesnt happen like dat rite..:(

  3. Nice to know you enjoyed it.. one can never predict the reaction of the fairer sex to such ‘edifying’ lyrics.

    Anyways, BC is kind of an anthem over here 😀

  4. wow u like the song.!! awesome…its almost an anthem back at work — the smoker-sripathy

  5. many a times have felt the same thing..coming from an ultra conservative society in kerala..and over protecting mom…after coming to mumbai…i knew..there are some untrodden regions my heart…

    loose control!!!

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