Posted by: akilamoni | February 7, 2006

that lucky dress

The stuff in life which is so normal that people have stopped noticing it.
Now now…letz see one issue…-lucky dresses!!!
all U girls out there I am sure there must be atleast a couple of going “OH ya!!!”
well I started thinking about it this morning.Why the thought?! well I had my project whatz my fave dress got to do with my project presentation?!well just that I didnt have a clue as to what my project was.So i left my logical side of the brain home and thought ” Well if nothing is going to get me past this ppt atleast this dress will!!!” so there i go with favourite salwar.(Ya thatz ite we can wear only salwar to college…but letz consider that issue for another day)!My lucky dress happens to be a green salwar which i bought in my first year of college…Ya Ya it still fits me.I stopped growing long back.The dress is now faded and is crying it’s heart out.My mom sees me come downstairs and realises that I am in a do or die situation the do standing for my salwar;)!
So off I go with my dress least bothered about the project.
But how long can i keep my brain from working.So it popps out once in a while and reminds me “Gal this is just a dress…it wont u answer ur questions on Microcontrollers….” i shut it back in and continue with my various useless activities in college.
I enter college expecting to be blasted my project mates..LO! they are late!!!Good going i think to myself.
Just when i think that there arrives Ms.B and Ms.L…they are my project mates and are not exactly my favourite things currently!
So I go about the usual stuff until my project time!!!!
But is theluck running out….lets see…Looks like coz i heard my HOD was the main examiner!!!OOps….My confidence took a nose dive. But i put on my brave face and think “HERE I COME PPL”!
me enters hall:

I see my friend BOO presenting her project wearing her lucky salwar.From the far end my friend VR waves to me wearing her lucky salwar which she claims got her into WIPRO!!!!
I turn to my right to find my batch mate Ms.K wearing her blue salwar which she claims has got her short listed in every damn aptitude test she wrote wearing that!
Now what has my salwar done for me.I can still remember that balmy day.Oh crap…i mean one of those horrible afternoons where I amwaiting outside My dept.Headz room waiting for him to sign my leave letter(I know I am in college:(((()))
So he calls me in and says congrats and I go.” what??!”! Guess what I got a prize in the District level essay competition.So he grants me half a day off for the awards function.Hurray!!!!I am back after a 3 day vacation and here he is giving me another day off…Ya thatz rite I was wearing my green salwar for the first time!!!!
Engg.mechanics exams,lab exams, class tests, competitions, the salwar has always been there to save me..
So now back to my project presentation!
Enter Project presentation hall.!!my project ppt gets advanced by almost half an hour,Is my darn luck running out?!
or is the salwar losing it’s charm.Letz wait and watch.
Next team on stage “B& co” goes the announcer with my heart thumping!
And as we rise i envisaged a miracle.I saw my HOD rise and leave for his class.Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!
So we rush through our presentation lest my Hod comes back! and with such great going i was positive that no one was going to question us!and as i turn around to the audience I see a million hands in air…( u know i mean a handful)!
My batchmates cower in fear. Me the braveless picks up the mic and answers the questions…Future advancements in my project—well if someone could tell me what my current project is i would be grateful
what are the disadvantages? ya rite duh!!!
and the best question… my project deals with remote data entry and a person asks me when it is going to be implemented in the urban area…DUHHHHH!!!!!
Anyways my brains thinks overtime(Thanx to my friend hari’s useless gyan) I cook up a story abt a gsm chip, a sms and motor control!!!!!!!surprise surprise people are pleased.I passed.I am happy!!!!OOps…Thanx to my lucky dress!!!

every dress has itz bad day and mine was the XAT and CAT this year!!!!!



  1. i do have my lucky charms…but not my dress…
    1)when i watch manchester united play i always put channel 54 as previous channel..i think it helps
    2)i used to think the shoes i had when i was in school made me look handsome..donno why
    3)if i chnage naythg around me..and opposition team scores aganist Manchester united..i CTRL+Z all lead is again restored…
    4)i wrote CAT with the pencil..i bought on my way back home from a Shiva temple..i still have the pencil..rubber..and sharpner with me

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