Posted by: akilamoni | February 21, 2006

i cant take it anymore!

Just when i was thinking that no one reads my blog…. ppl pop up with comments…hallelujah!!!!thanx guys….!!!

Was kind of flattering to hear junta say nice things abt me(rather my blog…!) so was just thinking what were the nicest compliments i have got in sometime now……

Me was never the kind who felt nice when someone complimented me on my looks(which was one of those rare occassions when i cared to dress nicely) But i would feel on top of the world when some1 said something close to me being intelligent, or easy to talk to etc etc…. so here are my most cherished compliments……

1) When Ashwin calls up asking my opinion on which books he should be buying with his gift vouchers…(thanx ash;)!)

2) When rajesh said i was easy to talk to….in downrite local tamil!!!!

3) When Dinup said talking to me was easy….as easy as talking to a male friend of his….!(thanx D but stop swearing at me when i call)!!!

4) When my 5th std science teacher sanjana tells me I havent changed…..(is that good or bad i wonder)(btw sanju is one of my best friends)!!!!

5)When my classmates pronounced me funny enough to write something on my own for the year book!!!

6) When my roommates made a crown for me reading”queen of brats” for my birthday(Thanx payal arpit lakyn ruby divi and mishra!!)

PS: notice gals never compliment much!!!!! Probably this is what Seinfeld meant when he told Elaine that she was a “Man’s woman”!! Still not sure if thatz a compliment or not..!!!!



  1. hehe..many people dont consider me a gal..but here s my basket….
    I think u r quite intelligent..ofcourse im partial towards quizzers..
    very down to earth…no fake attitudes…n above all no showin off wat u know…[i love those kind..eventho that species is particularly on the verge of extinction]
    and last not the least..i do think u r very cutely pretty

  2. bit heavy stuff though the things written are very simple stuff…..never thought of this topic..

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