Posted by: akilamoni | February 24, 2006

things 2 do b4 i leave Mumbai!

Things to do before I leave Mumbai……

Pack my books and send them home….(how uninteresting)
Shop for down rightly cheap skirts and tops
Do a night out in marine drive
Do another night out at band stand
Do yet another night out in town area
Get someone to buy me breakfast at taj lands end…(koachie…….)
Do every Sunday morning breakfast at le café….(hmmm all the muffins, toast…yummmm juice)
Eat as much pani puri as I can…(oh ya jhama sweets too and drink dubey dughdalaya buttermilk…!!!!)
Make noise in the hostel in the no noise time….
Jam sessions with sanju, shiva to irritate every1….
Night time chai….no sutta !!
Tell my hostel warden that hostel meetings are the biggest waste of time on earth…
Go to my local guardians house and tell them am alive and kicking and leaving
Keep up my promise of going to cravings in ghatkopar
Say no to a eunuch when he/she asks me money….(am shit scared of them)
Get back to reading the books I have left half way( gerald durrel is funny…)
Get up everyday at 6:30 ….not going to waste my last few days in mumbai sleeping….
Irritate all my social work friends by doing all this!!!!



  1. Godd goals to go…I hope its not just set…n let gone…
    n hey gal..for those foody part…i can accompany u..after all u need good company, rite…hehe

  2. u blog too??………srikanth here………..shld have known this long time back, gud….. will post a sensible comment after having gone thru ur column properly

  3. Extremely funny.. .cant stop laughing

  4. Extremely funny.. .cant stop laughing

  5. :-))
    a reminder diary….which is funny..

  6. Hai Akila,

    I like the way you write, jst a small suggestion, your font size is small for long posts as there are single line spacing.

    Nice entries

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