Posted by: akilamoni | March 26, 2006

money for nothing??

Have you ever heard of a proposition where you pay money and get yourself tortured in return…?? well not in all cases but in most cases….

If you havent, then welcome to the girl’s world of beauty salons….now even the man’s…

As a teenager I used to going to the salon like plague. My mum was tired of goading me to make a trip….No way….

Apart from the once-in-a- while haircuts, I refused to go to the salon. But such are nature s ways that I did have to start making those trips once in a while….

Sometimes I wonder, what sort of a genius must have been the person(s) who started this whole concept of salons…..In the same breath I also think it must have been one grave accident which gave the person this bright spark of idea…..

coming to think of it how else can one explain the whole grand idea of pouring hot wax on oneself and ripping it off with plastic…!!!!!!!!

Men….you complain about removing bandaids from hand….Imagine this….

Shouldnt we also blame the evolution of thinking which left people thinking that body hair on men is macho while on women it is disgusting!!!!!!!!

Going to think of it, its just the human mind which is the basis of everything…..

economy is based on the human wants and behaviour, supported by cognitive psychology which believes that there aint no such as the environment…its all in the head….

okie enough digression…..back to hot wax…..

if that isnt painful enough you can choose to have a thread rolled over your face, like ants biting at a continous rate….Then you can also try to get your nose stabbed with a thin steel rod, have ammonia smelling bleach applied all over your face, a contraption running over your face trying to remove those harmless but ugly worts. If all this is not enough you can go down the path of paying through your nose to have a chemical applied all over your hair which would make your hair(or rather whatever hair is left after the chemical has been washed off) straight……

My friend went in for this process and had tears in her eyes when she was promptly handed over a huge clump of hair to save for posterity…Now her hair looks like a 80’s film stars hair do(the one where they used buns for the heightened look)….

Another friend of mine was called in for a complimentary change of hair color programme and they turned her hair blonde….. Ashwathi monroe….what a personality….!!!!!

But of course not all of it is bad, the pedicures can create miracles to ones feet…They can convert cracked feet looking like a topography map of africa to a aerial view of the pyrenees……Also the hair washes can be relaxing , but i can do all those myself….!!!!!!

Adding to all this , it comes with the additional benefit of highly trained/skilled personnel who can make you look excited for weeks to come with just one wrong move of a thread over your eye brows.

They also offer microdermaabrasions(God save my skin), skin polishing etc etc…..

Dandruff trouble??? not to worry…..they will run a contraption that will give slight shocks if your hair is oily or too frizzy and also kill the dandruff……

Everytime I get my upperlips waxed i ask the gal..”is there no way i can do away with this forever?” for am not lucky like a few good souls have no trace of hair on face, hands and legs…..

Maybe i should just get myself laser-ed….i would have …if only i could afford it…..Rs 10,000 can get you hair free hands thanks to laser…. Rs1500*3 sittings for upperlip….
all the hair is gone…FOREVER!!!!

If all this aint enough for you, salons also offer to pierce body parts…. how interesting is that…..

Earlier we could afford to wear just normal clothes to salons. Now,the lady who waxes my hand wears better clothes than i do…..

And everytime my hairdresser cuts my hair he goes “tch…tch….dandruff”.

….hello am just human!!!!!!!!!! let us see your hair for split ends, greys….how nice would that be…..

so added to the pain I also get humiliated…..

But as Dylan said The times they are a changing(wrong situation but nevertheless love quoting Dylan) Now i cant stop fussing over the lenght of my eye brows, the right shape, the curves etc etc….

And at the end of a session when i am left a few hundred notes dearer, I look at myself…..devoid of body hair, a body piercing, silky smooth hair….a glance to the mirror i reassure myself–money well spent

….it is all worth it for that one second of satisfaction you get when you look at yourself….

As a friend said…..”tough being us” …isnt it…???



  1. how cd u pull Dylan into something as mundane as dandruff!!blasphemy…
    heard of the Kaya botox thing? left an high society mom with 18 bumps on her forehead and needing continuous aspirations. matter settled out of court for 6 lacs!! cant find the link to the report now…


  2. joan baez couldnt hold him a candle…

  3. I meant.. couldnt hold a candle to him … damn typos…

  4. Sorryz MKz. Upperlip hair in ladies is repulsive. Have to go thru the pains .. 😀

    –Quintessential Male

  5. hey wating for yournext blog.

  6. I believe you are more beautiful inside dan what u become after these beauty sessions !!

    Nice blog, enjoyed read’n it. !!

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