Posted by: akilamoni | April 22, 2006

I am back after a small soujourn….

well atleast if i use some words like these I can feel like I have gone on some holiday.

Havent been doing anything useful. Just been myself…

Was watching the grand finale of Indian Idol….The first time i saw an episode was when i was sitting in the studio of Indian idol….so thought might end it in style as well…and hence saw the finals….

While sitting in the studio…I was really impressed by this contestant called Karunya…he sang really well and made all others in the contest sound like kids.
I was almost sure he would win the title…

But today he didnt…another guy called sandeep acharya won…sandeep who sang like a mediocre participant…..

Am sure everyone who voted for sandeep knew that he wasnt the best singer…..

Am sure every soul that saw indian idol knew that karunya deserved to be indian idol….

But he didnt win….and the most loud and obvious reason that came was that he was a south indian….Logically not many south indians watch the programme and hence he lacked the votes…
in spite of this he had made it to the final two….

Now i care little for who is indian idol….neither do i care much if the guy who wins the title is from timbaktu…….

And these thoughts of mine go beyond this silly competition…..

I just couldnt help wonder while everyone waxes eloquent how literacy is the key to bondage of the masses, I felt and not for the first time that, the more educated we are, the more we tie ourselves up…. In shackles which only serves to separate us….

I cried once in tiss,…. to arpita my room mate….

I was astounded at how educated people like us…the so called educated class chose to indulge in behaviour which was akin to people in the krita yuga….

I have been parochial….but you know in a silly way……But I have never let anyone’s region of region form the basis of my opinion about him/her…….and i dont think i ever will….

Am sure we all have thoughts that border on these… even our politcal system is structured on this…….

am sure everyday we live with so many things structured around us that we cant break out of it….

and am sure with so many reasons around to fetter us we are comfortable enough not to break them……

as though agreeing to my thoughts MS subba lakshmi sings in the background


Gees…i almost feel like an angry 4 yr old who cant find the right words….But i think I feel much better….

DISCLAIMER: for all those souls who are wandering vella……for those who read my blog and make it a point to call me and tell me itz bad….dont bother this time around!!!



  1. It wasnt bad Agila…ur frank enough to admit…But dont worry…Next time around for Indian Idol…U be there….May b with ur guitar

  2. fact this one serious blog of yours reminds me of the time, once in TISS where you felt really bad about the way ppl treated an election candidate, cos they hated him for whatedver reasons! THink you told them too about their intolerable behaviour.
    Love this sensitivity of yours… guess thats why you are/were in TISS

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