Posted by: akilamoni | May 22, 2006

yet another arbit day!

After two days of marathon movie sessions, just before I could proclaim on my blog that I was self confessed tv junkie, my folks made me run errands the whole day so that I dont laze around at home.

The last two days I watched

* salaam namaste, ddlj, aasai,nandanam(already seen movies)

** gramophone, stolen summer(new movies)

*** desp housewives, lost, sex and the city , charmed( sit coms/serials)

**** and lots of other stuff which I cant seem to remember.

all in one crazy pace. As though I was running out of time.

Just as we returned back from a place where for the first time I saw a thing that is called odyanaum in tamil weighing 1 kilo, fully studded with diamonds. (Supposedly just the making charges is about 6 lakhs!!!what a joke!)okie useless piece of info!

I saw a parcel on our doorstep. It had a coke wrapper on it. I grew suspicious….

It was addressed to my parents name(curioser)!

Dad jumped at it and opened it. The wrapper gave way to a case (nice one at that) that said COCA-COLA- first few sips.

Ah, I had heard that somewhere!!! It was the concept of the induction programme for my summer induction!!!!! damn they are using the same for the mgmt trainee programme too!!!

The case contained 6 cans of diet coke with a letter which welcomed my MUM AND DAD into the folds of the coke family.

But I was happy. Some trace of acknowledgement of me as an employee!!!

My dad promptly took out the cans and appropriated the case saying he was going to use it for the car. I thought until that moment only my mum was obssessed with bags. turns out even my dad was. MY mum collects everything from zip lock bags to jute bags. Everytime we go out , she feels the need for a new handbag!!!!

My neighbour uncle who also happens to be my relative was very curious-why would they spend so much money and send 6 cans of coke to you by courier he asked. Thank God he is not the HR manager at coke I thought to myself!!!

Have started packing my bags for my trip to Gurgaon. Just as I was whizzing past the lanes of Coimbatore today I swore to myself I would never get attached to any place because i was hating the lump that was fast rising in my throat then. I told this to myself even when i left Mumbai.

I guess it’s an end of a phase for me.

Now I have got to be all nice and mature…!




  1. hey aks,

    good one….wish you a gr8 time at coke…( maybe once you join there….u can send a similar package to me – u know just to impress a brand whiz on how good coke is ;-).. have fun wild one….

    and lets just hope that the cokes and the hakuhodos of the world..set up a biiig office in coimy soon…

  2. πŸ™‚ but its just those lumps in the throat which tell u how much u enjoyed ur time in those places aint it πŸ˜€

    so here s to many more throat lumps… and to ur new life jaunt startin in gurgaon… and beyond πŸ™‚

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