Posted by: akilamoni | May 24, 2006


My cousin from Nagercoil was at home for a couple of days. She was here to get admission into one of the engineering colleges(which claims to be a deemed university).

The 12th std results were out only a couple of days back and there has been a ruling already saying that tamil would be compulsory from the next batch onwards. I immediatley thanked my stars for having been born earlier than the current batch. Phew…..

I learnt tamil on my own because my friends would make fun of me saying I cant read and write tamil. I learnt from “LEARN TAMIL IN 30 DAYS”. My dad refused to let me travel by the town bus after that because I was apparently reading gandhipark as gandhipuram and getting into wrong buses!

And this one time ( at band camp;)) okie thatz not funny…sorry) we were travelling by our car and i was testing my tamil reading skills by reading every billboard I could see. In front of us was a lorry which had a message written on it at the back. This was weird. I read it aloud. I didnt understand it. My dad kept saying shut up but i wouldnt stop. Turned out it was an ad advicing men to wear condoms!!!!!



  1. want to chuck ur cola job and get in to writing copy for the ad world??…

    anyways..ur plan of arul migu….group of institutions (or) Doomed University…sounds gr8…me shall pitch in with some venture funding


  2. oke got miself a secondary blogger id just for posting comments 😀
    i know i know !! 😛
    if i end up sounding like a stuck up editor of some future work of urs, pls 2 forgive 😀

    nicely dun… again 🙂 nice range of issues covered… the black-greyish, semi-subtle humor is zing-on 😀 and yeah btw ad copyriting wannabe?? 😛 hehe

    again… some comments relevant only if this was an article piece and not random musings on daily life occurences… thot it drifted a bit early on with digressions… wud ve be tauter without em i thot… tho the billboard thingy WAS funny 😀 didnt get the band camp joke btw 😦

    and btw… u wished for more comments?? hehehehe mayb u shud be careful wot u wish for 😛 😛

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