Posted by: akilamoni | June 11, 2006


Before i begin on my ramblings, I want to clarify a few things.

**** Why dont i write something on a general note asked a friend of mine….everything in your blog looks like a personal diary.

Ans: I dont write because…..simple…I cant write! I write on what matters most to my heart. I write on what enthuses me to write. So if this something on a general note enthuses me…I will surely write..

Went for a lunch meeting to the DLF Golf course and country club last afternoon. What a place. Friends and other well bred co interns claim it is the best golf course they have ever seen.

In fact it had a quite commercial aspect to it. In the fact that residential buildings were coming up on either side who’s USP was “view of golf course”!!!!

Anyways, after a decent lunch and a great dessert, I came to the conclusion that tamil brahmins as a race are cursed creatures.

We as a race lack the ability to smooth talk and pretend. We have forever been taught to be straightforward. So while the rest of the interns gushed ” OH it is so beautiful”….”oh…this….oh that….” I sat there. I did speak…Of course. But only sense and when it mattered.

Have decided to learn the art of doing time pass talk….. which can be

“oh what lush green lawns”… This sentence has to be immediately followed by a sentence where you have to take either a brand name, some up market place.

“i think these are better than royal palms. Have you been to the The Club?”

I formulating a little book of nonsense ramblings in my brain and I think after 10 corporate dinners I can write a dossier.

But the boss who took us out for dinner seemed really nice.

This week we are leaving for sona pani- a small hill town near mukteshwar. A small trek to the resort owned by a couple. I have read earlier about this place. Shall write more after I come back.

We have an outbound training there where we have to do rappelling and other things. MY sense of balance and ability to walk five feet without falling is world famous. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The locations that we will be headed to after this week were almost declared yesterday. While the lone guy in our group gets to goto Jamshedpur, two girls get to goto jammu and two get to goto east UP.

Considering my wonderful luck I think I will be heading for East UP soon. Maybe to Bareilly.

one month there and then again mystery about the locations.

But I listened quite carefully to the ppts and found the plausible locations. It can be

chandigarh, ludhiana, amritsar, taratala,dankuni(the last 2 locations are near kolkata)

So am off now…. travails of a kid turned corporate shall continue…..



  1. hmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Hi ,
    Been scrappin’ you in Orkut. hmm… wow… brought back my induction days…at TVS (yeah that tam brahm outfit). We never got to go to such fancy places like the DHL golf course. We only went to a shoddy joint near the company called gold coin club. It had no fancy gold course-only a strip of grass with an omnious sign warning of dire consequences if we stepped on the grass. I wondered if they had mines implanted, just in case a nit wit like me tried to see what would happen if we disregarded the sign. Coming to think of it, we people never give any regard to rules (A Chronic habit that comes from civil disobedience days, An enligtened soul said). Okay, I am straying away now. Keep writing, Catch up with you later.

  3. You are learning the ropes quickly, young one. All the best and all that.

  4. Hey, u must definitely check out taratala… and stay there for one month…just to know how tom hanks felt when he was ‘cast away’ on that cursed island…

    saving grace… u get to eat garma garam rossogullas….

    btw iim cal is close by @ a place called jhoka.. just in case u wanna blog on what life would have been if…..

  5. hey so where are you finally…
    once again you made me laugh.. because i totally agree.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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