Posted by: akilamoni | June 13, 2006

change of plans

You know how it is when you think of olden days and say”what stupid things we do” and probably even laugh over it?

I am considering my decision of choosing to be in the FMCG industry.

I am in fact considering my decision of doing an MBA.

In fact even my decision of dreaming of being an independent woman.

My ambition levels are at an all time low and I am completely ready to get married and settled down. But only to a rich young man.(Any takers?)

To be continued…….



  1. enna ya!!!… Bad Hair day 😉 at work???…BTW…i am also..planning to support my wife….full time ( budding IT career) let her/the fairer sex.. be the torch bearer for the family..let them get the limelight for once…let them…earn billions…who said only men can … ;-)…

  2. Just forget about the ambition part for a while and swim in whichever direction you are taken. Somewhere along the way you might find something else that interests you. don’t balk at things risky and new. If all else fails give me call. I might have a man in mind 😉

  3. Hey hey .. Thats like akila.. i must say…
    Why dont you start your book shop on the road side, the rich, intellectual ‘taker’ might just come along.. .!!!
    But boss… like always, this too shall pass!
    love you…

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