Posted by: akilamoni | June 21, 2006


While I was waiting in officefor my boss to come, a grand idea struck my head. This idea might help me achieve my dream of not having to work at all!!!
I have selected two places. These are potential high power cities. They are : Amminjikarai and arakonam.
I am going to build huge office buildings and ask all the corporates from the world to set up office there.
I will build office buildings in all shapes and sizes. Some offices will be in the underground.
These cities will have no public transport. So that all car companies can benefit from this and set up more factories here.
There shall be no safe place for people to stay on rent. So they will buy houses and this can send my real estates rates soaring.
I will also build malls so that people spend more on the junk food that gets manufactured in these cities.
I will also bring in some historical significance to my cities. Did you know Gurgaon was the place where Dronacharya’s ashram was?
Well amminjikarai could have well been the place where T rajender had the inspiration for his songs.
and Arakonam could be the place which looks like half of the bermuda triangle when viewed from a helicopter.
For all those who are interested in investing in this idea of mine…..your money is in safe hands!



  1. when do you plan to list your…company..;-)

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