Posted by: akilamoni | June 22, 2006

Say a l’il prayer for me

Our Boss, who never art in office,

Hallowed be thy Name, thy race.

Thy kingdom have I come.

In my appraisal will thy will be done.

On KRAs and performance bonuses.

Give us this day your precious time.

And forgive us our management trainee foolish pride

As we forgive those higher up who trample us.

And lead us not into weekly meetings,

But deliver us from route rides and depot visits.

For thine is the kingdom,

and the power,

and the glory,

for ever and ever.




  1. Hehe…you are funny. The convent has certainly done its part. They gave the best years of their lives to us and we use the knowledge we gathered in some way atleast. hehe

  2. Wah!!! Wah!!

    By the way.. was this penned during the when your ass was on Thanda (coke)

  3. @hari….

    my ass was on pepsi:)….

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