Posted by: akilamoni | June 23, 2006

Of drivers and kings

Holaz to everyone…
After a tiring route ride, i went on a marathon reading session. I am currently engaged with “maximum city”. I chose this book deliberatley because I am missing my days and friends in mumbai.
Unto a new a day and some new revelations.
My luck with car drivers has been quite bad. My driver at home -sankar has been with us for ages. But even today he can single handedly spoil my dad’s mood due to bad driving.
Sankar used to drop me in school and college. He knew all my friends and would be angry with me if I didn’t introduce my friends to him. He also knew which girl was going with which guy and hence would act as my personal gossip updater.
In college he was known to give a complex to my acquaintances. Every morning, I would be late and would speed till my college. The stretch from the entrance to the gate, he would speed like he was schumi’s long lost trainer(also because i used to cry my throat hoarse that I was getting late). He even used to have juvenile speed contests with equally juvenile kids from my college. My classmate was once enraged with sankar trying to race with him. I was in the car studying for a test when sankar was trying to compete with this classmate. My colleague was completely convinced that i was egging my driver to do so while poor me was completely oblivious to what was happening around me.
Sankar’s ideal world would be a road rash setting. the kinds where he can take a whip and lash out at near by drivers. Anyone trying to overtake sankar was a sinner and had to atone for it.
Sankar had no regard for dogs, cats, and at times even weak human beings scurrying past his vehicle. He was the king od the road.His vehicle was the best on the road. Any vehicle smaller than his had no right to overtake him. That rule would also apply to vehicles bigger than his.
He had a physical appearance to match up to this image. A bit portly, he had a moustache which would send virumandi scurrying into the jungle, veerappan cowering in fear. He was almost like a dacoit on the road. He usedto scare the hell out of the women on the road. His comments on women were scathing.
There was this girl who used to stay in our locality. I met her at a party and she came up and spoke to me and said” your driver is a menace to our colony.”. Everyday when this girl left for college, sankar would follow her in our car and drive very close to her and in the process scare the hell out of her.
Sankar was a hindu by birth and chritian by choice. this aided him surely in one manner- he got holidays for both diwali and christmas.
Sankar had a love marriage and there was time when he used to regale my brother with his town bus love stories.
He can make friends with great ease. So much so he even gets parking space in a lot which is full.
The thumb rule is Sankar will never be found near the car. He will always be found at a distance from which he can spot us but we cant spot him. He will be invariably found smoking.
Well the natural question would be why do still have him as our driver.
My dad has tried sacking him a million times. But he always comes back. Sometimes he attacks my mum by some emotional blackmail. Even my mum has given up on him now.
But sankar does have some mean moves and turns I must say.
So I am now in the land of Ghaziabad where drivers of skoda spit on the roads while driving. The company sent me a cab. The driver was USPINDER. The first day Mr. USPs came to pick me up he did a turn which cleaned the road and settled all the dust and mud in my lungs.
Mr.Uspinder entertains(?) me with his love story every day ( thats is approx. 2 hours).
Mr.Usps is also never found near the car. Neither is he found when I need to move urgently.
When he promises he will be there on time, he is ABSENT(as was the case today).
So today I got a driver, who asked me first thing in the morning” Madam, what time will you leave today?”
On my way to work, this man honked continously for almost 1.5 minutes. For what? There were two scooters driving in front of us. After he over took them he started honking again at a car which was way ahead of him. Another King of the road.
I saw my lady luck, sitting on the car hood smiling contently with glee.



  1. hehehe…pls translate this in to tam..for sankar.well my luck with drivers have been good so far..hey BTW…remember Nandu???

  2. Of drivers who wud be kings?? 😀 😛 nice one.. but well, need to run a spell check on this one too 😛 hehe

  3. Anon:
    That is my version of lewis caroll’s of cabbages and kings:)!

  4. heehehee ………I still remember my car being raced by shankar many-a-times on the way to coll!! Well not to forget the way he promptly honks once he passes the other car……..celebrating his achievement!!!!

  5. @ last anon!

    am still figuring out who is u!

  6. ahhhh macchi….got u!!!i was hoping for a tall man that u were talking abt….am disappointed…but am happy ur reading and commenting on my blog:) thangz macchi!

  7. tall man athu yaaru 😉

  8. @ anon: tall man= man we were talking abt.:) ur sis s friend:)

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