Posted by: akilamoni | June 24, 2006

A brand new day and some resolutions for the same!

Good morning Ppl!
I am at work. Today is the day I get to know my first project. (yes I work on saturdays. I am in a sales office remember?)
A friend of mine called me(on long distance) and said ” Your blog is thankfully showing signs of getting better. Atleast it sounds remotely english”
I am enraged!! So I have decided to
1) Spell check all my entries.2) Format well3) Use punctuation appropriately4) Avoid the …. and the !!!!!!( I know for sure one friend who will be disappointed if I do this)5) Write at a speed which is much lesser than the speed of my thought(Which is the reason for all the errors)
My dad has managed to fish out a relatives address in Ghaziabad.So am off to their place for sunday. Some yumm food is on the cards.
I am also working on some tactics to get all my readers to comment on my blog. Any ideas please leave as comment(Normally I would have added a 😉 and !. But I shall abstain.)
Have a great weekend people.



  1. disappointed…!!! :((

  2. btw.. “Ppl”… 😛

  3. I think you nominated to be my editor long back. I resolved and after that I have not used PPL…!!!!

  4. here u go, you attention-hawk.

    Ways how not to get people to comment
    1. Call them vetti
    2. Bull doze them

    Try bribing them by sending over those crates of coke.


  5. @ anon…

    how do u get lazy bums to read ur blog:
    call them vetti and
    bulldoze them.

  6. Interesting tactic. But at least it worked 🙂

    Who is this friend whose orders you are so diligently following? Must be someone special.


  7. at anon:

    special??? hahahahaha….. ru out of ur minds???


  8. no more ……..!!!!!!:(( those are ur trademarks!! I guess i picked that up frm u ………..!!! 🙂

  9. ahhhh…..too many anon on the page. I cant figure out who the last anon is! lemme check sitemeter;)

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