Posted by: akilamoni | June 24, 2006

one day at a time

On a quiet saturday afternoon
While I wait for my boss to come
While everyone ignores my presence on messengers
Lest I ask them to read my blog and comment
Life seems endless.
Three weeks at my first job have passed
I still feel like I am doing field work at TISS.
Looking at my management trainee t shirt with my company name on it, a colleague remarked
“oh that is nice. You need the t shirt. It gives a lot of enthu”
I am ready to wear 5 of those t shirts if I have to.
Life seems long and winding.
I am here unwillingly at this phase while all I want to do is go back to my earlier ones.
While am supposed to be all happy and chirpy and tell the world
“Hey look I have arrived”,
I am just able to manage a feeble”I am still here- hanging but here”



  1. poetry writing style there.. lolz.. witty…lolz… wat a lovely blog here… visit my blog and tell me wat do u think about it InvernoKL keep up all the good works.. rocKZ!! :p take care, xian

  2. Just yell “life sucks” and cry/whimper or whine. it helps sometimes. You will feel lighter and much better. And hang in there, sometimes just hanging can make a difference.

  3. :)) life aint as bad also….:)

    I am just being difficult. You know what they say about wanting things on a platter!

  4. yeah… nice comment of yours.. ^^.. add some few pictures on ur blog… and woola!!!… ^^… nice combination.. ^^… seeking for more update…

    take care…

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