Posted by: akilamoni | June 26, 2006

happy high

I am a slightly happier person now. I have got my project.
This afternoon my boss called me to his room and decided to put an end to my chill out sessions.
He thought, thought, and thought.Finally landed on a particular topic. He was sweet and gave me a nice project about which I have no idea about.When I went downstairs to ask a few existing employees data on the particular project all that they did was snigger. One was gracious enough to say “heheheheeh.So you are the bakra for this project Huh??”
So i decided to start my market visit today. I was roasted and fried mid way through my list of outlets and was happy to see a mall on my market list. Entered the mall and started sipping some ice tea and sat there in the pretext of strategizing my project.

revelation of the day: My drivers name is Pushpinder and not Uspinder. I am really bad at this UP accent.

He was busy perfecting his vanishing act and I was victim to it almost thrice today.

I got out of the mall and realised I am too tired. How did i realise that? I was smiling to myself for no reason(Please refer to earlier blogs about how I can get high without drinking)I even felt like Elaine in seinfeld after she had downed some pain killer tablets. I saw an army truck pass by and thought they looked like the guys from Beverly Hilly billies!
I kept laughing.I was too damn tired. I started outsourcing my work by sending Pushpinder to find out where the shops were. Only if he confirmed it was existing and not closed down did I get out.
Meanwhile Pushpinder would locate all the possible PCO s and make calls to his girl friend much to my annoy.
I also realised that youth in india have no ambition.
I also feel they are conspiring against me.
All day all i could see was trendy youth ambling about in the streets, walking aimlessly with characters called boyfriends/girlfriends.
Man while I work my ass off here, all that they do is NOTHING. Gee, I am adding so much value to the nation(now I am blabberring)
I saw a school girl walking with her books and all I could think was” Man wish I could go back to campus/school days(not engg college but)”
I guess its all a mirage.
Anyways. I am off for the day.
I am still laughing.



  1. Rocking post MK :-)))

  2. Ha…The krishman has posted!!!!!!!

    Thanx kichna…keep reading and more importantly commenting;)!

  3. tch tch tch… crib when u have no work, crib when u have work! can coke ever win?? πŸ˜› πŸ˜› hehehe kidddddddddding!!!
    so finally u land up with a project! noiceliess! hope u do enuf to make the gracious one feel like a bakra himself πŸ˜€
    btw loved the revelation of the day πŸ˜€ keep em coming!! πŸ˜›

  4. @anon:
    hehehe….when i saw some anon had commented i was hoping for u know….. but ur name is written boldly all over it….:)aap ka just4comments id kya hua???!!!

  5. :(( forgot the damn password!! lessness raised to infinity!!!

  6. :)) thatz okie…as long as there is lessness…tc tch…noiceliess i know who ur:)

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