Posted by: akilamoni | June 26, 2006

Just chill…..chilll….just chill….

I am back in office. My boss is super busy today and has asked me to chill out till evening.
Went to a relatives house and fell asleep promptly. I havent done a thing in the last week but I have been working and sunday is the only day I get off. So i slept off. This is called cognitive psychology.
I am done with my share of throwing a few words which people have to google up and understand.
I am off till my boss calls me to brief me about the project.
Until then I am going to be reading blogs and “chilling out” just like my boss has asked me to.
I am also eavesdropping on all the sales people.My sales region has not had a very great month. So i guess it is going to be a lot “f***” in the air today.



  1. regardless of sales trend f*** will always be heard…with DTS effect…F*** what a gr8 month…got the drift

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