Posted by: akilamoni | June 29, 2006


I entered the hotel after work today. At the entrance I noticed a lot of bedecked aunties. Oh not another party in the hotel, I thought to myself. Loads of Dinchak dinchak music again!

I was waiting for the elevator to come. When it reached my floor, another bevy of aunties came out of the elevator. Before the last one could step out the elevator door closed. Weird, I thought, because that was much lesser in time than what it usually takes to close. I helped her by pressing the elevator button from outside. I got in along with another girl and her mum. The aunty was holding her younger kid. Ah, cherubic I thought to myself looking at the kid. The elevator door closed and before I could press the third floor button, it started moving down. I thought someone must have called the elevator down. But NO!
The door opened again and I stared at concrete walls in front of me.


okie calm. Press the alarm button as the instructions pointed out.

I pressed the alarm button only to realise it didnt work.

FREEZE! Isnt this one of those moments where you start panicking?

When you start thinking why you havent told your loved ones how much you love them?

How much you wish you werent there and elsewhere doing something else? Everything that movies, music, sitcoms tell you.

Well, to my surprise I turned out to be quite hmmm, optimisitic.

I had this feeling that nothing would happen.

We felt two jerks. I thought, “ah, the rescue mission is on”.

I was mistaken again. The elevator door opened again and people asked if we were ok.

Ya sure. I am okie. I am in a elevator. Concrete walls staring at me. I sure am okie!!!

The door closed. The girl kept shouting” We are going to die!!Let me press some button and see” . I had half a mind to slap her. We started suffocating a bit. The tension was in the air.

The kid broke out into a whimper. The aunty joked with it saying,”why are you crying?”
The aunty was damn realistic.

She said, ” We are not going to fall down and die” – How nice and optimistic like me.

She continued”We might just suffocate and die”

The door opened again. I could hear and see people above me. We were in between two floors. They passed us a chair and we all climbed out.

I came out. Started walking up the stairs as though nothing had happened. Reached my room.

Sat on the bed.

I noticed that my hands were shivering. It struck me. SHIT!!




  1. Whoa!!! This is like a situation I had imagined many times over, and I alwasy thought I do the heroic thing by opening the ventilation, climbing up and cinema stuff…Guess all those action movies had their effect. Never thought of pressing alarm button or just sitting and twiddling. Good for you for not panicking

  2. heyyy didnt u remember the stuck-lift situation in “you’ve got mail”?? u mite just have had a life-changing revelation πŸ˜›
    oke oke kidding πŸ™‚ but moi s the eternal optimist πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› but seriously, glad tat u got out of tat oke πŸ™‚

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