Posted by: akilamoni | June 30, 2006

chut mut

Taking a well deserved break from my market visit right now.

I am out in the blistering and if I can add barnacles sun, while the youth of India waste themselves away in AC offices. Now that I have rubben in enough that I am working hard I shall promptly move on.

My thoughts are into two parts. The first part is as follows. The next one will follow when I am a bit more relaxed and not so burnt out(I dont miss a chance to show off).

I realised, at the danger of sounding like the recent peter england ad, that what I want in life is really the smaller things.

Small joys in my life take precedence over most things.

Small joys of going to a nice bistro with family/friends. I have never gone on a nice lunch with my brother(Blame it on coimbatore which has nothing close to what is in the metros/other cities). I would love to go on a nice lunch/sunday brunch with my brother and my to be sister in law-Rajini.

I was sitting in this nice cafe today when a girl passed by me and she looked like my sister in law. The funny part I havent really met this Rajini person. But, it is quietly sinking into me that she is going to be immediate family and soon at that. Wouldnt it be lovely to get dressed nicely and go out for lunch with bro and rajini?

Small joys which rush into my heart when I see a salad bar in a quiet way side cafe.

Simple ones when offered a lemonade with mint instead of an iced tea.

Of course meeting loved ones whom you havent met in a long time.

And much simpler when people are more nice to you than expected.

Life for me is in the smal, l’il, chut mut, things.

But contrary to what life is, the stress is on the bigger things in life and I guess it is back to my market visit for me.



  1. 🙂 nice..

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