Posted by: akilamoni | June 30, 2006

That will be the day!

Started today with max enthu. Why? Because I had not done much work yesterday. Simple aint it?

Anyways. Started my day at sector 18 today. Sector 18- noida- where all roads lead to the mall.

Entered this place called Top Breads in the same sector.

suave? no

swank? no

hmmmm, I am still searching for a word to describe this place.

aH, Well NICE. That is the word.

It is a small, nice , little place. I entered to find the owner talking to the manager. After exchanging a few words with Tarun(owner)he granted permission to randomly pick out people and make them answer my seemingly stupid questions.I took my position- geared to pounce on unwitting customers who entered the shop to answer my questionnaire.

There were not many customers at that point of the day. So i chose a nice little table for myself- a two seater, right next to the salad bar, took out my book and started on it.

The manager was gracious enough to order a lemonade for me.

Now I havent heard the word lemonade in ages. The last time I heard of it was when I was reading Enid Blyton. Lemonade, orangade, kidney pie. Enid Blyton made even milk sound yummy in her books.

I got a green liquid in a huge glass and saw mint leaves floating on top. Ah mint, the perfect coolant for the summer. The drink superceeded my expectations.

It was perfect. The salad bar, the leamonade, the book, the manager Mr.Banerjee (who was an elderly gentleman who was really sweet with me and had no issues with me hanging around)

The place was all set, waiting for the customers to arrive. The bread was freshly baked. The donuts had just been placed on the shelf, the pastries looked exciting. The tea was brewing. The salad bar had just been set. Macaroni, veggies to chicken. Everything! Chilled and ready to be taken away.

I sat there in my corner soaking in every sight of this place. The ambience was to my liking- Wood all over the place.

I sat there and watched the people who came in. The things they bought. I troubled a few of them with my questions. But technically I could have just been sitting there the whole day.

I missed my near and dear ones when I saw friends and family meet up there.

I tried to make up ideas in my head as to what people might be thinking when they came into that place. I conjured up imaginary dialogues between two girls(one who resembled my sister in law) , an angry young lady who walked in fuming, another lady with her kid and pink motorazr.

I was amused by the sight of a very elegant lady who hopped skipped and jumped at the sight of a salad bar. She took a cup and started filling it. Five minutes later she was still piling on the salad in her cup.

I knew I could have easily become a fixture in that place. Someone who sat there all day with her book and ya, ate her salad and drank her lemonade too!

It wasnt one of those pseudo places where the TV was turned on but was on mute with the music blaring loud. Both of it was playing. But you couldnt mistake one for the other. Neither did it interfere. Taste-that is what they call it. Taste.

I truly wished I could have been with my bro and rajini there. It seemed like a place they might have liked too!(They claim to be classy-cant help this wink;))

I reluctantly reminded myself that I had work beyond top breads. So i wrapped my questionnaire session. Thanked Mr.Banerjee . On my way out I swore to myself that I would be back there if ever I write a book. With my notebook and music I will be there- in the table by the salad bar.



  1. oye!!!! nice job ……wish i had one like dat 😉 Btw , looks like u are really looking forward to meet ur to be sil……she is in almost all ur recent blogs!!

  2. @anon!

    But obvious!! loking fwd to meet her and also maska lago fying for some neat gifts:)

    whoz u anon?

  3. good one 🙂

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