Posted by: akilamoni | July 1, 2006

The world is green!

After shelling out a bomb for my phone bill this morning, I walked out of the hotel Kangaal(Pauper) Had worked up a bill of 9500 bucks for my employers by way of food and hotel rent. Thank God, I didnt have to pay that!!!

As I walked out of the hotel, with absolutely no money in hand, my driver brought a car in front of me. NO AC. NO RADIO and wait there is more…the driver didnt know his way to the office.My phone currency was running out.

Damn. Today sure is my lucky day.

Stopped at the ATM nearby to replenish my resources.

Voila!!! My salary had been credited.


What a feeling!!!!!!!!

Wish I had worked the first five days of the month, so that I could have got my full share.
Actually nah! Am quite happy with this.

Calls went flying- first to folks.

then to other co interns- “Buddies, the moneys has arrived” Ah I like being the harbinger of good news. The heralder of hope.


Alas, no one to celebrate with!

Wishlist: New wallet to carry all the money

Color of the month: GREEN

I felt like the Mcdonalds Ad…tarapum papa….. i am loving it…

My first ever hard earned green notes. Okie now am pushing it.

So off I go to work today and ya, earn more!!! While the youth of India can waste their lives by ambling out of malls with PYT(pretty young things) .


I except all congratulation messages only over phone.
I also except cash, gift vouchers, credit cards, any other form of material loving!!!!



  1. ” The fastest way to transfer money worldwide “

    Western Union Money Transfer!!!!

  2. ya sure…I have a WUMT nearby. i am all ready to receive all moneys:)

    kisi ka chutta, kisi ki dollar, kisi pound, kisi ki mohabbat…..meter down I say!!

  3. wot fraud! as the owner of hard green (?!) cash YOU shud be the one doling out largesse to ur not-so-endowed friends šŸ˜›
    so pls 2 reverse d direction of money transfers šŸ˜›

    btw outrageous fone bills?? hmmm… šŸ˜› šŸ˜› hehehe

  4. Still bathing in coke’s greens??

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