Posted by: akilamoni | July 7, 2006


I am bach and if you have been a loyal reader of my blog you should be replying- am mozart.

When you are working so hard- hard enough to save an organization from crumbling, accessing your mail and blog from your lap top becomes a luxury. A luxury that I have been granted today!!

My sales office just got shifted- from a residence building to something to a semblance of an office.

An office with no fans. Some bright soul thought- Why need a fan when u have an AC. Well unfortunately the bright one forgot that we are in Noida- the land of power cuts.

people here cant walk because they are slipping in their own sweat. They cant type becuase the sweat makes the keyboard go haywire

The AC doesnt work on generator back up and so here I am sweating by the gallons making up stupid trivia in mind.

for eg:
If all the sweat oozed in this noida office was to be collected it would serve to wash the leaning tower of Piza once.

gross aint i?

My sales stint is coming to an end.Coming up next is a review at the division office where I have to make a fancy ppt with flying objects and try and con ppl into thinking that I have indeed worked and that my data makes sense.

After that I am off to a location which has not yet been confirmed.

Watch this space for details of that lucky location.



  1. hey this Am Bach – Mozart….thingy..inspired from Tata – Birla ..that i use???

  2. @hari

    what nonsense!!!!!!!!!:)

  3. location: Chambal Valley

  4. @hari: what crap!

  5. Am Back – Mozart – what crap!!!!!

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