Posted by: akilamoni | July 22, 2006

Let them fight!

Ah, today was nice.
I felt I was truly back to being myself.
I am at home. Have been for the past 3 days.
I have been sleeping like crazy.
I had my tea and cookies, read my book, watched my share of TV, read some poetry on the net.
I have no idea what lies ahead of me. Not even the next day. I havent planned for the next minute.
I am back to being myself.
Guess thats what home does to you.

I had a discussion with my brother today. He was wondering what I felt about the whole blogger issue.
I told him-
” To me, it is just a news item. Just another news item of which I happen to be a miniscule part of.A news item which is progressively moving from first page importance(9 O’ clock news material to) 8th page importance. By the time it reaches the last page, the search algorithms would have got corrected, people might have moved on to different blog sites.
I dont want my fifteen minutes of fame. There are people who have taken the mantle of being the spokesperson for all hurt bloggers. But to me, The government has closed the door, locked it with a huge lock, got two guards and left the window open.
I can still write. I can still log into As long as they dont stop me from writing, the rest of the world can fight for me.”

Pssst: Just as I published this piece and tried viewing the blog…hurray it worked…I told you…it eventually will!!!! I think I just stepped into the threshold of free riding.


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