Posted by: akilamoni | August 3, 2006

Have you ever stood on the edge of a railway platform.
And when you are standing there on your tip toes, the train suddenly whizzes past you, trying to pull you with a force which you ward off by backing a few steps?

And after those few steps back, you think how stupid an action that was to stand in the edge of the platform. Yet, several seconds later you cross the same edge and step into the train which had whizzed past you. few minutes later you are whizzing past similarly stupid people.

Now that am in Chennai am trying to reach all my old friends. Chanced upon a friend today. She announced a few minutes into the conversation that she was getting married.

Simple enough. 23 yr old girl getting married was fine. Nothing unnatural about it.

Just that fact I have known her almost all my life, since the time we wore pig tails to school completely freaked me out.

She went on in the same breath to tell me that another friend of ours was expecting a child in a few months time!

That did it. I went into what Anish calls the retarded mode.
I called amma for help.

I called all friends possible and announced the news. I was happy for both my friends.

Yet, there was this feeling that I was standing by this platform and life just went whizzing past me…..



  1. Hi akila I reguarly read ur blog.
    How about informing ur dad about frinds getting married. i think he can help u out while standing near the train.

    Pl tell him to read ur blog.
    well i a regularly drink coke I fully endorse ur view . In india people go by what the crowd say.

    No individuality.

    ur well wisher

  2. Whizzing is good. Smack Gob in your face when you take a step closer is bad. For the people on the train whizzing by, they will be on the journey slowly rattling along with the same people till something new comes by. You will find something new or someone new who will pull you back or bundle you into the train everyday, just open your eyes and stare when the train whizzes by. .

  3. Hey Mundane how R u?Why u r not replying.U still have not guessed
    abt me/

  4. love the opening… never thought of it that way.

  5. Hey Akila, U jus stole my words… that feeling was something which have been experiencing too esp when I got 2 know abt our frenz…borading into d train 🙂

  6. Very nicely portrayed. This is why having a ticket in advance helps. Unfortunately life is a train whose tickets are rarely on sale.

    Keep writing. Keep lighting.

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