Posted by: akilamoni | August 9, 2006

I wish

In the past few days while I was at work, I found myself thinking almost several times in a day, I wish….

As a child, I was not let into any of the secrets at home, for my parents knew that I would never manage to keep a poker face about it.

Birthday gifts, surprise dinners/parties- I wasnt told about anything till the last moment. Let in the brat and she will giggle and spoil the secret, they said to all.

I wish someone had taught me to lie straight faced.

As a child my parents taught me to be sincere. They laid endless stress on being truthful. I wish they had laid a little less stress on that.

I wish someone had told me that it was okie to lie a bit.

I was taught to be straight forward. I was taught to be ethical.

I wish I hadnt taken them so seriously. I think that I am a bit too ethical and straightforward for my own good.

At home, there was always the stress on what others thought about us.

I wish I didnt take others so seriously as I do.

I wish my education had included impression/image management as a major.

I wish I didnt wear my emotions on my face as often as I do.

I am jinxed. So jinxed that whenever I plan something, it never works.I wish I could endlessly plan and not be worried about whether my plans will work or not. I only wish I could realise the joy of seeing my dreams in real.

I wish I could dance. I really do.

I wish I could stare at the sun.

I wish I could walk in a straight line.

I really really wish I could speak slower.

I wish I didnt feel so bad when I realise life is moving at a pace faster than I am.

I wish I could just close my eyes tight and pray enough for my wishes to be granted.



  1. Lots of good wishes there. Watch what you wish for, goes the saying. I hope all your wishes come true.

    Keep writing. Keep lighting.

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