Posted by: akilamoni | September 22, 2006

What it takes to be Ananthalakshmi Hariharasubramoni

Scene 1: I enter the office premises.
Swank corporate office, receptionists with looks that can kill, smartly dressed executives, flowers and all the works of an MNC.
I enter the office, with my files, listening to my nano.
Suddenly the receptionist shouts” What?? Ananthalakshmi Hairihara what?? “
And I turn and look around to see who takes the pain of calling out my full name. I am even flattered someone has even managed to cross my first name.
I run to the reception desk only to see a courier guy with a courier for me.

It’s ananthalakshmi I proclaim to a bunch of people who care a damn. Suddenly the receptionist perks up with a smile and says , “what is is your surname?”
Me: I dont have a surname.
R: but you said something. Some hari hara.
Me: Forget it, give me the courier and let me go bury my head in a pile of sand.

Scene 2: Person at the next cubicle wants to borrow a pen. She hasnt spoken to me since the time I have come. She walks up gingerly and says ” What is your name? “
Me: Ananthalakshmi.
she: OH! what a long name. Can I borrow your pen?
Me: No. Not in a 100 years
Scene 3: The hot receptionist calls out “eh Lakshmi..Eh Lakshmi…You Anantha laxmi”
me:” Oh me? My name is ANANTHALAKSHMI.
she: yaya…whatever. Tell me your name, I want to list it in the sheet containing the extension numbers.
Me: I am Ananthalakshmi.She: Surname?
Me: Just a H
She: But you said something .Some hari hara.
Me: No. That was my evil doppleganger roommate. I am just Ananthalakshmi.H.
she: Do you want me to add it?
Me: Ya maybe if you give everyone two phones in the office. One showing my first name and my surname following in the screen of the second phone.

I am ecstatic that I am atleast getting listed on the extn no. list.
I call up Vidya a co intern to tell her about this exciting bit of news.

Vidya: Arrey But your name is coming as anatha laksmi
Me: Damn that hot-now-turned-dumb girl

I call her up and spell out my name and ask her to correct it.
I call up Vidya again and ask her to check if the spelling is right.

Vidya: Now it is Ananth Lakshimi.
I take out a paper and write my name in bold letters with a permamnent marker, huge enough for person from opp. block to read and shove it to the receptionist.

R: So is there a space between Anantha and Lakshmi?
Me: no
Call up vidya back
Vidya: hahahahahahaha…
Me: What?
Vidya: Now it is Anantha Lakshmi!
I give up. Atleast my name is right.

Scene 4: Lunch with senior employees and top management.

This really hot guy walks up and starts talking to me. I cross the stage where I have told him my name and he has managed to catch it after a zillion times when suddenly someone calls out for Akila and I turn.

He is confused. I explain Akila is meant for all the people who are incompetent to pronounce my actual name. Just then I cross into the threshold where my name becomes the after dinner joke.

A Friend turned foe: So you do know ther her surname is Hariharasubramoni right?
me: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just an initial. H!

FTF: hahahaha and have you seen her visiting card??! hahahaha. She has two cards- one for her name and the other carrying all contact details.
By now I am already half drowning in a 7 feet pool of water.

Damn! there goes another one.
Afternoon passes by, evening comes and many such after dinner jokes on my name, I meet the cute guy in the office hallway!

I am sure he wont remember me or my mile long name, when he walks up and says, ” Lakshmi right?”

yes, yes a thousand times over!

Lakshmi, Laxmi, Lakshimi, kuppa, suppa, muppa, anything for you!



  1. ahhh… i c i get the creative juices flowin in ya ๐Ÿ˜› :))

  2. :P:P:P

  3. WElcome to the one woman club of the bane of long first names and longer surnames. I am just happy I was not given my grandmother’s name of brihathsundarakuchambal. Getting these ppl to pronounce my name itself is like putting my head on a grindstone.

  4. Krishnakanth Subramaniam empathizes and agrees with you.


  5. stick to Akila Moni thats easier!!!

  6. Hi, This was a nice read. Pretty funny too. I have been in the same position plenty of times. What all do they call me – sar, sarav, saraf…phew. Good writing and nice to read:)

  7. Good… Wonderful… ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. lol…i can see it all happen..especially the cute guy thing…you’re of course crazy..Atilla Moni ;D Nice one…

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