Posted by: akilamoni | October 27, 2006

Can I?

Can I be a poem??
Can I feel like one?
One that sounds beautiful?
Can I write one??
Can I just bask in sun on a cold yet warm day, waiting for winters onset and just be happy?
Can I just read all I want to read?
Can I just be the music I love to hear?
Can I make a movie that I would love?
Can I just jump out of my skin and watch me live for a day and still be not me?
Can I just be known as me?
Can I not ever be associated with just one state of mind or being?
Can I ask for more with life?
Do I want an encore with my past?
Can I ask time to go a little slow on me?
Cant I just dream and not fear about it?

Can I dream of abolishing distance?
Can I just smile and not have a reason for it?
Can I learn every language that is beautiful?
Can I just be simple and uncomplicated?
Can I avoid pretentiousness around me?
Can I welcome a monday as much as I relish a saturday?
Can I use the word freedom and still feel it?
Can I just find a fireplace to warm my slippers?
And some hot chocolate and french fries!
Can I never ever worry about money?
I often dream of a currency less world…
Can I dance?
Can I just feel the goodness around me?
Can I feel protected by my beliefs?
Can I just hang on to a few precious moments for just a while longer?
Can I have an opinion?
Can I just be me?



  1. nice one 🙂

  2. Hey me have tagged you !!!!

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