Posted by: akilamoni | November 21, 2006

There is Hope!

As I waited for my turn in the lunch queue, I got a call from a Mumbai number.

I smiled.

” Akila, Its me”

“Yes Sir”

” You are okie?”

“Yes sir”

” What happened after I called last night?”

” Cant tell you right now sir, but am okie”

“if you are not just tell me, I will fly down”

A few hours later, I met this mad woman called arpita joshi online.

As we ended our conversation, which was filled with my cribbings, she bade me farewell.

“Tell my Hi to the ocean” , she said.

Those words of hers brought back memories of our mad times at TISS. Hour long discussions on music, books, people, arguments, movies, my disgusting alarm clock, her weird sleeping postures, our common lifeline-Payal.

I leaned back and told myself “RELAX, there is still some goodness left in the world”



  1. See, I keep telling you there is more goodness in the world than we merit ourselves with. That, in spite of the odd snake charmer in Gurgaon! 🙂

  2. lady… sometimes I feel that we seem to be thinking the same way.. all the low times…. and memories of happy times and yes the only hope in this world when some wonderful friends tell us that they are there for us… enjoy ur columbus!!!!!! love you .. and yes there is some goodness left in this world

  3. @Issac:

    Just needs ppl like U to remind me abt it;)!


    Of course kichu…after all we did our thesis with VK:))! kidding!!! will keep u posted on my trip…

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