Posted by: akilamoni | November 25, 2006


Thoughts from Ceylon:

While shopping at Odel-the mini version of our malls

I walked into a section having natural soaps. My eyes fell on this package which was called the Desperate Housewives special. I asked the lady at the counter what the package contained. When I noticed there was nothing much different in it, I asked her then why it was called

the Desperate housewives collection. ” It is good for housewives Madam”.

Display pic for the day:



  1. miles to go b4 i sleep..miles to go b4 i sleep


    where the hell is my life heading

  2. Ceylon Huh!! awesome. Have a good time there.
    Don’t despair, be brave. You are capable of great things. don’t let anything stop you from getting what you want. That is the akila I know.
    @pic: When the leaves turn red, yellow and orange. It can mean only one thing…..the trees will soon have greener, brighter fuller leaves in spring!!

  3. @caco!
    hey ….how abt this thought….

    I dunno where the roadz leading…but the drivez beautiful:)! thatz my state of mind!!!! yep…am still the same gal U know!

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