Posted by: akilamoni | November 29, 2006

Ayubowan ppl…. Thatz me with Anish in Colombo. Flicked it from Anish’s orkut Album.
Mood for the day:

Think…rather know that the original(featuring me !) looks better..will post that from India!!

Song in head :
Dum tara dum tara mast mast….dum tara dum tara jhashn jhashn!
Have fallen in love completely with Srilanka- the beaches, the people(The men esp;))! the accent, the warmth, the hospitality. Have been talking in typical sing song manner for a while now much to a lot of people’s annoy!
Have loads of thoughts. Will compile them when I get back home. Tired myself out completely by posing for pictures.

My phone hasnt rung in a while now. Shows how much people back home(except for appa and amma) miss me!!!



  1. feeling light!!! refreshed!! relaxed!!! having a gr8 time!!! I am Freeeee..with all the space in the world!!!!!

  2. @hari:

    when u see the actual pic…u will see I am just looking calm…and thaz what i was….I walked away from the friends group….put on my ipod and just lay there…watching the sun go down…the moon come out and of course ogle at all the uncles:))!

  3. Srilanka is on of my favourite countries too and i never feel away from home there.
    I hope that the country gets the kind of political peace that it deserves – somehow all that violence doesnt belong there.
    Glad you had sucha great trip!

  4. @usha:

    Oh ya… reminds me so much of kerala.. but had a tuff time being a veggie there…esp when my friend wudnt stop hogging anything that swam!!!! but damn good fun!
    oh ya the violence doesnt belong to that place at all..! the ppl r just so nice!

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