Posted by: akilamoni | December 7, 2006

The last few thoughts in Colombo

As we walked into the Colombo airport, I was upto my old antics- acting cranky about leaving a place that I was getting used.

We were grossly late and my heart sank when I saw the long line outside the aiport. The UN Blue Corps(Sri Lankan guys) were getting inside.

It was truly a mixed bag of emotions. Some of them were clicking pictures. A newly wed was in tears as she bid farewell to her husband. Few others were making last minute phone calls-probably to folks back home who couldnt afford to be there to wish goodbye.

Wonder how it felt to be fighting for a country that was not your own. Wonder if they even knew the cause for which they were fighting for. Maybe it was just the hope that all their efforts would be repaid by someone else who will fight in a foreign land and protect their loved ones.


I got unto the flight and I was already high on sugar. To worsen things I was allotted the middle seat. To my right was Vidya and to my left was Anish. God save their souls I thought to myself. The flight purser watched in horror as I took more than my fair share of chocolates and loaded them in my purse for a rainy day!

Vidya was screaming to the air hostess to get me some food in the hope that I would just conk off to sleep!!!

But now unto something more serious.. I plugged in my ear phones and closed my eyes. I have this weird habit of listening to songs on repeat mode. I have been listening to just three songs continously throughout my entire trip.

As the first lines of the song began, I felt like I was elsewhere. I struggled a bit to identify what I was feeling. Then it struck me.

I spotted the place. I had heard the same song reptitively when I was sitting in the beach in Mt.Lavinia. I could feel it very clearly. I felt exactly the way I did when I was lying down as the sun went down (and for once I was not a spoil sport about getting my hair dirty with all the sand.)

Now all I need to do whenever I feel like going to Mt.Lavinia, is to listen to this song!! Love it.



  1. What were the songs MKz?

  2. @krish:
    Dum tara dum tara jashn jashn

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