Posted by: akilamoni | December 30, 2006

New Year Time!

Its New Year Time…
Its that time of the year when everybody is racking their brains to do something on New years Eve and usher it in style. Not that ushering it in style is going to make any big difference to their lives. But still.
Think I lost the urge to usher New Year in style when I was in school. Then, my parents didnt let me out. Now I dont want to be let out. I was explaining this to a friend and he said ” I can see the frustration buddy”
I really dont feel it anymore. It beats me as to why people start making plans about New Year a week in advance, most of them just to get pissed drunk(which they would get anyways). But asking people what they are upto for New year is always great conversation material. If someone even mentions about staying back home I act as though thats the worst sin to be committed(just so that I add to that social pressure, in case it were missing).

I prefer staying home on New years Eve. Not because I want to spend time with family(I speak to family about twice in the day, and if I am at home- I am already spending enough time with them- so much that they harbour thoughts of sending me off asap). I want to stay back because thats what I have done for a major part of my life and it has grown on me.

Earlier it used to be just me bro and dad watching TV. Then when Bro left home it was just me and dad.Bro would call up at 12 and wish us.

Now am sure dad is going to be off for some midnight special pooja. Mum is the only constant one. She will go to sleep at ten. So that leaves me. And I will continue with Dec 31st as just another day. Sleeping in the safe haven of my home.

The point that I love about New year is that you have the license to begin everything on a new note. New notes of resolution(in my mind-never documented for fear of being verified at the end of year)- I will manager money better. I will …. i will……
Just like a slate where you can wipe of all the crappy stuff you wrote the previous year and hope to write better things this year(and you know heart of heart that it going to turn crappy by the end of the year).
So heres wishing you all a very happy new year…. May your slates be clean and neat for the year!!!

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  1. enna doubt??

  2. @hari:

    thatz not fair…thatz not even a comment:P!

  3. Kid sleeping on side is best pic to depict the mood of post. and by the way .. what fancy plans for New Year’s? 🙂

  4. @anon:

    seethai ke raman chittapan…which in english means rama is seethaz uncle!:)


  5. oho .. so it’s come down to this, somebody teaching me tamizh on New Year’s eve .. enakku ithuvum venum, innamum venum. DDDD

  6. @ anon:
    listen my blog caters to a lot of Indian diaspora abroad;)! so just in case readers dint understand;)! 2 much show ur putting da…tamizh and all…way to go…I thought Chaddhas are punjabis:)))))))))))))
    like gurinder chaddha…

  7. Dei, that was below the belt. No fair. And oh .. even i think Chaddhas as Punjabis. Not bothered about them though.

  8. @anon: such a sad reply….U CAN DO BETTER DA;)!

  9. well!!! comment!!!! i second your thought on “our” way of welcoming new year….i say our – coz….thatz the way i have been welcoming new year..staying at home…except for a few times…like a a couple of years back we went for a drive with avi n the way enna doubt???

  10. Worst

  11. @anon:

    whatz worst…u me or the blog?:)! heheheh

  12. @hari:

    some of the best times:)!

    the pizza and the cake thereafter:)!
    good fun!

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