Posted by: akilamoni | January 1, 2007


I begin my New Year restlessly.
My mind is working over time and nothing seems to stop it. I sift my music tracks with a worrying impatience.
Can I just run away from all thoughts and never have to face them at all.
I have been an escapist all my life. The one who has taken the safer route, not the easy one necessarily. But nevertheless.I hope my employers are not reading this but I am definitely the most indecisive person who has ever walked the earth. I cant decide on a restaurant. I cant decide on a dinner menu. I cant…
How I wish I could just shut my eyes and just escape my thoughts.Maybe transported to a land where I dont have to think of anything.
I just want to run away from reality now.



  1. i can add to that list of yours…hmm lets see — there`s 1…hmmm 2…. 3…..4…..hehehehe..guess i can count the stars..but not on things that you cant decide…….

  2. @ anon:

    heheheheheheheheheh…juvenile justics deptz looking for me;)!

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