Posted by: akilamoni | January 13, 2007


I need somebody…
not just anybody

You know i need someone….



I am sure all you matchmakers are going to go beserk thinking of a 100 ways to hook me up!!!

But save that trouble.

I need some help in revamping my blog. I think it needs that l’il bit of fresh air….

I was very impressed with the outlay of my friend priyadarshini’s blog. She is the one with the big binary feet;)!
I have a few ideas in my head. So anyone out there wants to help plz let me know.

And before you get fooled into thinking that the services will be paid for in cash or kind let me assure you, my love is all you will get and that my friend will be in truckloads!!!

Think about it. By helping me you are actually helping yourselves by reading my stuff in a better looking environment. and you know what? God helps those who help themselves!!!!!!!
(PS: No tongue in cheek comments on how I should help myself …plz…get creative;))



  1. It’s not too hard, but like the artist, you choose the shapes and the medium can helped with. Aka yarly i’ll help you, if you have a plan in mind :). I demand a month supplies of Diet Coke/Pepsi in addition to whatever it is you wish to give ;-).

  2. cutty sark…..why not a them based on that???????

  3. @ KG and hari:

    Lovely…atleast two souls have responded…
    hari thanks da….cuttysarkz a good idea…but it mite not be a central theme…I am thinking letz make a laundry list of items that I like and make a list of things which could probably be depicted on the template…KG..if u havent realised the gravity of the situation I am taking this very seriously and is not just a superficial exercise;)!…so lemme start…hari mebbe u can add more…and that will be subject to my approval:)! hehehehe

    1) crayons
    2) freshly sharpened pencils
    3) a must must have in the background is an open book..

    KG I want something on a black white tone and hence not too bright

    letz deliberate a bit more on this…what say u guys:)!
    oooh am all excited!

  4. monthz supply of coke yenna….i’ll send u weekely packs if u want da…!!! no issues!!:))(oh btw we get weekly supplies which i donate to party boppers anyways)!

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