Posted by: akilamoni | January 13, 2007

Talk the talk and walk the walk!

I walk through the streets of an alien city
And as I walk my eyes rove to spot a familiar face
Who do I want to see? I know not
But do I really want to see anyone at all
I know not.
But what I do know is that I ran far far far away from madding crowd.
To a place I thought was unreachable for most
Only to find myself in yet another strange maddening crowd
A crowd that wants me to talk their talk and walk their walk!
But is there anyone who wants me to talk my talk and walk my walk?
Think my eyes are roving for people who want me to talk and walk the way I want to!

The above is not a poem…neither is it a write up. Its indecisive on what it wants to be and hence I empathise and leave it the way it is. This is based on the feeling that I have been having in the past few days. This feeling that engulfs me once in a while. Probably when am walking aimlessly in a mall or maybe just talking to friends…



  1. Some comments. I feel that I am already in an alien city called CBE/CJB I have already ran my 59 years still not knowing my direction.There is a junction called finger post in Ooty with four fingers pointing to 4 drections.I am in that condition
    Pl someone help me.
    I feel that I am another mad man in the maddening crowd . I am there with u to keep company.
    Man the un known

  2. @vhs:

    u know whatz most endearing/inspiring? to know that my dadz the first one following up on my blog…thanks…

  3. I read the post earlier and did not comment on the post as it is an existential dilemma we each go through and no one else can comment on it.
    But I agree with your comment – totally endearing!

  4. hmmm me thinks its just all those coke pesticides tat r messin with ur head šŸ˜› heheh

  5. @anon:
    u spineless…. hehehehe
    me with a pesticide messed up head is far far less messed up than just u being U!!!!


  6. lol… touchy touchy aint we? šŸ˜›

  7. @anon:

    ya…sorta become really touchy;)! u know what I mean;)!

  8. i think its nice that it aint a poem or a write up. gives it some sorta freedom dont it? i hate it when ppl start tryin to put you and whatever you write in lil brackets, words and phrases..ahha…gotcha all figured out… you’re like blah blah. Stamped. Defined. Labelled.Next!
    secondly, being a something in between o things is whr lotsa ppl come anyways rite?

  9. Google Earth could help!!

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