Posted by: akilamoni | January 17, 2007

Does He or does He not?!

There has never been a point in history when somebody ever remembered my name in the first go!
Now that my name has been discussed enough in my previous posts, I will move on!
The point is, if a human being who meets about say 50 people in a day cant remember my name even the 5th time he sees me, how will God remember me?
He is probably running the human mould 24*7 and how the hell would he remember me, especially when I dont fall in the line of people who reach out to him in the many ways they do!
Isnt he the one who decided to put me in this menagerie??Its like taking a kid to the zoo and forgetting him/her back there!!So now dont blame me if I behave like the animals inside the cage!
Just feels like He has forgotten about my existence.
For a change instead of the pic I am putting my mood in words: Uncomfortably numb!



  1. does it occur to you that you MIGHT be narcissistically obsessed with your name? jusssst a theory 😛 😛 hehe

    p.s. yea yea vella beyond relief 😛 lol

  2. @ anon:
    hehehehe not more than U!!!!!!!!

  3. hhahah again you go!!!
    let me tell you something that one of my friends told me about this ‘God’. He says, god created man and then completely lost control. now it seems he is clueless as to what to do !!!!
    good to see your post lady

  4. Simple Solution.

    Ask God to select a name for you.
    which u can also remember.

  5. ms b.d.! hellooooo… lol… extrapolating people not remembering a hajjar letter long word 😛 to God losing control of the world!! now TATS an analytical far stretch 😛

    p.s. ur comment page has been now converted into a scrap book 😛

  6. @ preethi:

    hehehehe…..nice to cya reading too lady!

    I remember my name…so dumb others cant!

    @ichayz…ms BD?? whazzat>?>!
    ur littering all over my comments column!!! but I like it…vella neess!!!!!!!!!!!’

  7. Trust me lady!! You are far better in this name pronounciation issue… Imagine if you had a name like your bro 🙂

  8. ya….atleast he was smart enuff to shorten it to what it is rite now…last evening my office watchman comes and tells me…madam aap hi hain naa..jhin ka naam bahut lamba hai!!>>?

  9. can totally relate to what you are syaing. It is difficut to spell out a 30 letter odd long name and feels even more uncomfortable listening to the oh wow that’s a long name comments. Got to my nerves when they split my first name into my first name and middle name, even worse when the airline people asked me if I had a shorter easier to proniounce name…cruel world.Shakes fist.

  10. “The Lord called me from birth, from my mother’s womb he gave me my name”- Bible (Isaiah 49:1)

    Jus thot i’d share wid u this verse that came to my mind after readin ur blog. In short, i believe that our names are no accident, and it’s no challenge fer Him to remember our names (that’s one of the reasons why He’s God and we r humans!)

    Lemme not preach now! heh…how u doin, girl??

  11. whoaaa!!! bosss wot crimes hast thou committed in past lives to get this name by non-accident??? tch tch tch.. . u r surely getting to be a frog in ur next life… and maybe u ll be a new species and they ll name u ananthoporis lokshminos harihorors subramonis… now wud tat make u wish u got to the bio lab sooner than later??? 😛 😛 hehehhehehe

  12. p.s. BD – bombay dosti?? and i thot u were perceptive… tch tch tch again 😛 hehee

  13. oo who is this anonymous of yours!
    hahaha.. yur comments column is getting interesting … i must say!!!!

  14. Hey Akila, ever thought of going through an official name change? Maybe you could change your name to a small number that’s easy to remember? Then nobody would have any confusion! 😀

    P.S.: I’m back (checking your blog once in a while) – I still don’t see a link to the Atom/RSS feed. 🙂

  15. @joker: considered a name change??! u think I havent???? ever since i was in school I have considered it….anyways…havent been blogging too much….planning to start soon and ur RSS /atom feed will be on fuill blast then:)!
    btw…who the fudge are u!

  16. You should tell god that he exists.. he doesn’t know it himself!

  17. hello…hello…..come on..get your keyboard working

  18. Can’t you write something ?

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