Posted by: akilamoni | April 14, 2007

Just do it

While in college and neck deep into preparing for my MBA entrance exams, I and my brother had a discussion and he remarked- you always need to do the right thing.

At that point in time, I thought to myself that the statement my brother had made was just platitude. But today as I live my life on my own, I realise the gravity of that statement.

I try and use that statement as a yardstick for all actions that I undertake. In the process I have realised that it is not easy. The basic assumption for this is that you have been taught enough what right things are.

But as plain as it sounds it aint so easy to practise. At the peril of sounding like a moral science teacher, I state that it often takes courage to the do the right thing.

Courage to go against your own wishes and that of others. Life presents itself with so many situations, and to do the right things in all of the instances makes you live every moment of life with an intensity like you’ve never experienced!



  1. introspection is sometimes painful. that part about courage to go against your own wishes is true, though.

  2. something mandaya kodayarathu unaku..pesi.therinjukaren

  3. @anon: painful it is:)

    @hari: :P:P:P:)unnum illai….just thinkin!

  4. Right or Wrong !
    Life isn’t so simple… Or is it?
    Most of mine is grey 🙂
    Infact what you believe is right might be perceived as wrong by someone who cannot fully grasp the impact of the stimuli on you.. !
    Right or Wrong => Wrong
    Reality and Perception => Right

    :)) Did u get it right ?

  5. @ravana:
    well….frankly…it wasnt meant to be so complex…trust me in ur mind in every situation we do know in our minds what is the rite way(or atleast an almost right way)!

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