Posted by: akilamoni | May 2, 2007

In pursuit of my happyness

For a long time I wandered around Gurgaon, with no address to call my own. I stayed in guest houses, hotels, kept travelling n an out of the city. So much so my mind was crying out loud to stay put and get a routine set for my life. Then came the news of my final posting, in Gurgaon(not to my surprise though!). Phew, now to get a house for myself I thought. Well, turned out that the brokers in Gurgaon had other plans for me.

I battled with artificially inflated prices for good apartments, 85% power back apts, apts with weird names like Bancourt, Sujan Vihar, Rail Vihar. Once that was over I reached the round where I had to cross the fire war of rogue like brokers who were nothing less than thugs. One particularly funny incident was when Vidya in some sense of courage undertook a journey
looking for a house in Rail Vihar with a broker who we had never heard of. Half way through her journey she realised her folly (and of the possible consequences- if you still dont understand what I am talking abt, visit Gurgaon, I will be more than happy to show you around!!!!)

And finally I found my house! In the same apartment complex that I had wanted.Though I had originally intended to write on my journey to getting this house,I am changing course now. I have been itching to write about the simple nothings I see everyday in my apartment complex every morning. The simple nothings that keep me going in a place where I have no one to call my own.

Everyday Vidya and I scurry to catch the office cab.I start from home at 8:05 AM an wait till 8:15 AM outside the complex gates.I do this sometimes intentionally so that I can soak in 10 mins of scenes which I so adore.School vans picking up school children,moms and dads waiting to drop them by,scores of DINKs pushing off to work and rake the moolah in, loads of single young smart women zipping past in their cars.

And the scene I love the most. Little girls in pigtails waiting for their kindergarten school bus. I just cant get enough of the way dads listen patiently to the young one rambling random nothings!

There is a fountain of water which is switched on every evening and loads of mommies bring their toddlers in prams to watch it. Sometimes when I walk past,after a long day at work a breeze of dry air sends sprays of water on my face much to my pleasure!

And the park- what a scene that is. Children on swings, picnics on grass,stupid games-all the works. I just stand by watching them. Sometimes I fondly remember my childood and most times I just take the simple pleasure of seing so many happy human beings.

So come over sometime, to this happy abode of mine and many others. Come be a part of my happiness…



  1. oi post some snaps..of ur abode!!!..

  2. “I just cant get enough of the way dads listen patiently to the young one rambling random nothings!”

    Hmm. Why am I not surprised? 🙂 I think god decided to use some random number generator when he created you

  3. @hari: gift me camera:)

    @anon: 🙂 How I wish I were so spl to God!

  4. Ah! The bittersweet feeling of been there, done that. I see a girl dragging her book bag and walking at around 4.00 to her house and I can almost picture myself doing that so many years back. It is kind of like knowing some big secret. It is fun, nostalgic and definetly worth the wait.

    Congrats on your new home!

  5. @caco: life seemed so much more easier and def way more fun…what say??

  6. I second that thought. Yeah we had work then too, but just the thought that a 100 other girls were doing the same thing gave some sort of pleasure. Good friends and great times made life easier and fun.

  7. @caco: I actually liked the drill of going to school….never seemed like too much…

  8. your request is my command? I come to gurgaon sometime this august as part of work, can i camp in or do i look for another apartment or can i camp in?

  9. 🙂 will help u look for another apt to camp in:)!

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