Posted by: akilamoni | June 20, 2007

My brother solemnly rose up from his seat and announced if not to anybody but to himself

” adulthood sucks”.

He had probably summarized what I have been feeling for the past many months.
Just before any of you go contemplating that we have been struck with some mishap/catastrophe, be assured that we are doing okie. We are what the world calls GROWING UP!

He stopped for a minute and said,”It was so much better running around in my nappies.”
While I have been vocal,stubborn and difficult about accepting this new phase of life, my brother had slipped into it long back. As we took a drive in our car, running an errand for my father I blurted out, “I didnt have so many needs back in campus/school, when i used to manage with Rs. 3500 from home. Life’s needs just seem to be pouring out from every hidden corner possible.” My wise ass brother calmly replied” It will only get worse”- How comforting.

I feel like a lost tourist in a foreign country. Just to add to the drama, a lost tourist in a foreign country whose language I dont speak. If it werent spicy enopugh- the language has a different script.

Oh and Lonely planet doesnt make any guides for this- mind you!

So many roads, so many directions(which you cant decipher).

Isnt so much easier to be a smiling pic on the wall- Nothing to do but just sit pretty and smile!!!

No wonder they called it growing up pains!!!!!!!



  1. lady!!! just imagine after you r married…life just gets even better 😉

  2. 😛 :P:P:P

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