Posted by: akilamoni | August 4, 2007

A whiff from the past

This morning as I opened my inbox, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually cluttered with group mails, mails proclaiming Delhi’s events of the day, forwards, chain mails, spam there was a mail- addressed to me.

It read Dear Akila…………………..

How endearing it is to receive a mail from a long lost friend.

Long lost not because I had not known his whereabouts, long lost because the bond between had withered.

The mail revealed a wedding in his family and he had invited me to the wedding. The sentimental nut that I am, my mind raced down to Coimbatore. To days which I think of with great fondness. Of friends who are like no other(Doesnt everyone say that about their friends!!!). I dont stay in those memories too long for fear of wanting to relive them. For fear of wanting to bring those beautiful people back to the way they were.

I thought about the wedding for about a few minutes. How will I manage my holidays? How would they be? Are they still the same?Will I feel bad if they werent.Should I go for the wedding or not?Never really liked wedding anyways.

Or should my fake “nothing has changed” attire and fly down for the wedding?

Then I adopted the strategy to solve most mysteries in my life-I shall procrastinate.

I have postponed the decision till just a few days before the wedding. Dont think I will ever be ready to face friends from the past. I want my keep me memories intact.Bank in the comfort of the glory days. Call me old fashioned, call me stubborn, call me foolish. Thats the way it is in my Kingdom- simple things are thought over, over anaylzed till I am paralyzed!



  1. ur friend shld have sent return air tickets along with the invite 😉

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