Posted by: akilamoni | August 7, 2007

Listen O ye All


Listen to the song of the Old ones,

Before thy step into the world of Human Resources…

Spent about a year being a human resource professional and these are what we have to put with.

Scene 1:

Enter cafeteria on Friday with the oh-so-happy it’s a Friday morning glee. As I stand in the line for breakfast, someone nearby yelps, “ yeppie its Friday morning.” . A new York minute wouldn’t have passed before I finished my acknowledging smile when the person retorted, “Oh HR also feels like that?”

“I bow in reverence to thee my master. We HRs donot enjoy the pleasures of enjoying a Friday morning. We are forever bound by the invisible rope of thy criticism- forever and ever. “I kiss and anoint his feet and bow out of the cafeteria.

Scene 2:

Three people in my team were on a holiday. Passerby stops and asks, “ Where are the rest?”

They are hiding in the Trojan Horse to eat you. “They are on holiday.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, HRs on holiday, smirk smirk.”

I immediately go down on all fours and beg for pardon. “Master punish them not. For my colleagues know not that they can take off”

Scene 3:

As I walk across the hall, “ Hey HR, why don’t you motivate us?”

Hmmmmm…. I click my fingers and Lo there are two Lebanese Belly dancers dancing for their masters.

Trust me, working on HR challenges is not half as challenging as walking the tight rope of working in an HR team in the organization.



  1. “Why art thou wailin’ in vain, my friend?
    For them that persecuteth thee,
    The grapes are forever sour!”

    I wonder why the smirkin passers-by who think HR is an easy job, aren’t tryin their luck at it?? Now the grapes are sour, huh?? 😉

  2. that bit about the belly dancers just got Coke one more application from IIML 😀
    you really do that uh? really? really?

  3. @nero:

    we dont recruit for finals;)! sorry missed the bus to the dance show eh;)!

    @ sarah:

    I really doubt if they think so….in fact itz quite the opp;)!

  4. Well.. I assumed maybe you being there was motivation eneough for those people, But I guess they are not really bright.

  5. @caco:

    ohhhhh cacoooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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