Posted by: akilamoni | November 6, 2007

Realisation of the day:

I am sure a lot of you are waiting to agree with this.

I am a Klutz…

klutz (klŭts)
n. Slang.
A clumsy person.
A stupid person; a dolt.



  1. I second it 🙂

    (long time.. how’ve you been?)


  2. Jim Davis!

  3. @shrinath:

    guess the msg was earlier than my visit to ur hell hole!


  4. is this anantha lakshmi from erode ?

  5. why do you look for compliments? aRE yOU fEELING lOW?

  6. @LINKS:
    No! i am from somewhere nearby erode though…

    hmmm….. hahahahaha….whatte an insight…well…for starters I love myself…as I have always…I am my fave person…and…I really mean it when I say I am a klutz… and whatz wrong in looking forward to my closest friends say I am not one and make me feel better!!!

  7. yello.. wonderful to come back after so long and see new entries 🙂 Love the one with your thoughts.. you sure do have a flair for capturing them.. and hey woman ‘stupid’ – you’re not! so dont go around foolin people! 🙂

  8. @arpita….

    hahahaha….Thanks pal….. sometimes I feel so clumsy abt myself…itz not funny!!

    I was told in a training program…”Akila, you have the wonderful ability to laugh at yourself.”…oooh…as Oprah would have said It was an AAha moment for me;)!

  9. You’re the gretetsa! JMHO

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