Posted by: akilamoni | December 7, 2007

Juliet Morris at home in Gurgaon!

My cook Nisha is a busy soul. She just cant find the time to do a favour for me. But finally today she wasnt her busy and hoitty toitty self and I managed to gather an audience with her for 15 mins for a good champpi(head massage).

Nisha is from Bangladesh and she cooks decently.As she parted my hair and poured warm oil on it, she asked me in her broken Hindi,” Didi how many continents are there?” Of course she didnt sound as straight as that and it took me about two mins to decipher what she was asking me.I proceeded to name all the continents for her.

Thought the quiz was over when she proceeded to ask me which was the smallest of them all? About two questions on Iraq skidded and passed by. When she asked me a question on India I said,” You are a Bangladeshi, why do you want to know about India?”. Pat came the reply in a voice which sounded hurt,” India is my country.”

Finally I asked her if she was writing an exam of some sort, to which she replied, “These queries of mine have made me wiser for the day. When I go back home and teach my kids, I can tell them these points and they know something more than they currently do.”

A good part of the last week I have been preparing for a real geography quiz of sorts. Think the champpi session made a week of my efforts worthwhile.



  1. *sniffles*

    That was freaking touching :’) :’)

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