Posted by: akilamoni | January 4, 2008

Chicken soup for the dieter’s soul

Channel 1:

“Diet Now, Real People are losing real weight”

“Diets dont work, weight watchers does”

“Big Loser- brought to you by Jenny Craig”

Channel 2:

“Think Dip Think Arby”

“Bacon Sausages and cheese for breakfast”

“Eat all you can ribs for only $10”

Channel 3:

On a news channel for New Year

Donor gives money to congregation for every pound lost by the pastor. Lets hear how he did it.

Channel 4:

Buy XYZ cholestrol controller. Lipitor doesnt help. XYZ does.

Side effects can include nausea, weight gain, sore backs, blindness in the right eye, stomach pain. Some patients have gone into coma. Consult your doctor.

Channel 5:

Are you drowning in your credit. Call 865474286987693 to free yourself of this burden.

What is with this country called the United States of America?!

Apart from being convinced that the standard of average Indian advertising is way much better than America’s, I have come to realise that people here are obssessed with losing weight and at the same time eating as much as they can.

Apart from the Gem and Tele shopping network,the couch potato is beseeched by the food companies- low fat, no fat, high fibre, no trans fat, chicken soup for the dieters soul and the cheesy dips comes free. Then the pharmaceutical companies take over and woo people to try their products starting from weight loss pills to bladder control.Finally the credit and insurance guys step in and kiss away whatever is left of the TV watchers soul.

So you eat all you can and gain weight, then lose all your credit worthiness by squandering on various weight loss and dieting techniques, and to save your loved ones you pay for insurance which will take care of your family once you die of obesity. That is one hell of a karmic cycle!

Every food menu heralds hope for the health conscious with a motherhood statement of “Healthy options available ” only to serve grape fruit and apple along with cheese sticks.Breakfast/brunch buffet spreads can put a King’s feast to shame.

Go to any ihop/breakfast place and I can assure you that the only reason why anyone is eating that cheesy omlette is because there is an omlette to finish apart from the 4 pancake platter!

If you havent had enough then dedicated TV channels showing extremely well maintained people working out only adds to the agony of the obese.Has anyone here stopped to wonder why do you need an all you can eat dessert counter in a breakfast buffet?

Wonder which channel plays the path breaking advertising which is always talked about. The last one I saw was in a McDonalds outlet playing on loop in a TV installed by Coke!

At the start of this vacation, I swore to myself I would soak in and watch as much TV as I possible could. Midway through the soujourn I have already switched off the TV and started blogging. I just pray fervently I dont become one of those them TV haters
by the time I leave.



  1. Wow..This is exactly how I felt when I first set foot in this country.It was more of an advertisement shock than a culture shock.
    People are pushed in to doing stuff which they are least interested in and then made to look like dolts for exactly the same thing.

  2. hey akshay!!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Yeah right, Good luck with that! Black friday’s, Superbowl, Holiday season starting from August, it can get very nauseating and make you appreciate the vada pav wala near diamond garden šŸ˜‰

  4. Good post.
    I was confused too when I saw these enormous people all around while the supermarket shelves are laden with diet this and diet that. Who is buying them then?
    Or,are the claims of the product companies false.
    Or scarier still, Is this the body mass AFTER using diet products?

  5. Oh ya… worse still…direct to home dish tv providers are wooing people by saying stay indoors and watch pay per view rather than go out and catch a cold!!! how silly is that!

  6. Along the same lines, this may be of interest


  7. dei .. sleeping in parking lot takes the cake da .. i still can’t imagine how you managed that .. i’m just imagining the scene and can’t stop laughing

  8. dat chicken soup was worth the try..:)..n i like the new place

  9. @Jinxed

    Thanks pal…welcome to the new home;)!

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