Posted by: akilamoni | January 11, 2008

Random thoughts(contd)

  • There is nothing more beautiful than a  desert sky in the night and nothing more enchanting than listening to stories under one. More so, if the stories are about real people who you know in flesh and blood. Its almost amazing to displace these people from their current settings and move them to a different era and view their life through these stories.
  •  My cousin is acting as a child star in a malayalam movie. His character grows up to be malayalam star Mammooty! Now that is what  I call a cool thing to add on a resume.

“Acted in a full length malayalam movie with Mammooty”

  • Listening to tales of my family, makes me feel thankful for our generation. Women in the 1930’s would have probably begun their day devising ways and means to escape from physical abuse or just plain harsh words. We just have to worry about getting up early and cooking maybe!
  • Adolescence- Parents go through it too. It can be very tempting to try and influence them to listen to you and your  words-just like they did. Refrain!
  • There are so many Indians moving to places outside India. Should I be happy that India will be de congested in a few years or should I be sad no one sees a future in India?
  • Every generation learns from the experience of the previous generations. We swear to ourselves that we will either emulate and mimic some experiences that we had and erase some others with no trace. And that my friend, is the process of us making this world a better place to be in. Not just for us but for generations to come.
  • The most fun I have had in a long time was in doing inane and crazy things such as walking into a Mayor’s office without a reason or appointment, sleeping in the car in a parking lot for fifteen mins and basking in the sun and sitting through a Nursing College graduation ceremony where the valedictorian spoke about nursing for psychiatric patients while me and a partner in crime laughed uncontrollably.


  1. cooler still your cousin could say: I grew up and became mamooty!
    re last para : hmmmm you worry me girl!

  2. @usha aunty!
    hehheehh….I think we should all be worried abt my uncle too…he is my partner in crime!

  3. The last crazy thing you mentioned you did, was the most hilarious of all. LOL.

  4. @Hiba’s Mom:

    You shud try it too…very effective!

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