Posted by: akilamoni | February 6, 2008

After two nights of back 2 back Grey’s anatomy!

Have you noticed?( Am sure you have)

That everyone looks good in Grey’s Anatomy. I mean it- everyone. Even a burn victim looks immaculate. The plastic surgeon looks naturally gifted. The OBGYN has the two most sexiest actors, the neurologist is nothing but (Mc)Dreamy.

The doctors in Friends(George Clooney and Noah Wyle from ER) are drop dead gorgeous. How come you and I dont meet people like that in hospitals?The doctors I have interacted have very fancy names like Veerabahu and say very unromantic things like” vaaya thora maa..”(Plz open your mouth- he was a dentist)

But before I can go out and make a blanket generalization that all soap stars are fake, I can point out a number of Dwights(from the murderously funny The Office) in my workplace. Everytime I interact with a weirdo I can only picture him/her as a bobbing head doll(very much like the one Dwight has of himself in his workspace).

 Every once in a while I am even inspired by one the characters and in one such moment I started a betting routine in office like Jim did. We gambled on guessing who would ask questions to the senior management in a public forum. Sadly the persons all of us had put our hopes were out of office. Damn!!!

 Sadly there is no point or purpose to this post….and hence the abrupt ending.

The end.



  1. hmm…waiting for THE BLOG..

  2. you have been tagged….

  3. Nice blog. I enjoyed reading it.

    (Hope you do remember me)

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