Posted by: akilamoni | April 1, 2008


Lesson 1 in growing up- Fake it

Fake it and do it like a pro. So that no one detects what you truly feel.

Like for eg. at work. If  you are particularly angry with someone/something- always tell people,”Oh,Nothing is wrong”

At home, if you are angry and mad about something, fake indifference!!

In an interview, fake that you are the King/Queen of the World. There is no place for mere mortals.

Feign that you are okie with everything that happens in your life and try and believe that you are sculpting your own life? Frankly, are you?

Oh Lord grant me my space where I can express myself. Where I can be truly what I feel to be. Sad,happy, happy sad, sad happy and not ave to worry about anybody/anything.

Lesson 2:  Expectations will only rise

Did anyone of you imagine while you were in school that you would be faced with so much expectations??

Expectations at work where you would be raising a notional bar and performing a sergei bubka everyday?

Expectation to be okie with others decisions and ya dont ever bother complaining about it.

Somehow writing exams and worrying about marks has been so much more fun than anything else….



  1. well said… i’m glad to know I have company on the writing exams part.
    I guess the weak ones who just didn’t have the nerve to hear about themselsves all ganged up and came up with “the growing up funda” that, they never would have to hear about their real selves… and we call it being civilized 😉

  2. OY!! I was just thinking how much fun writing exams were. My brother just had his annual and I was moaning the fact that I would have no more exams to write. Why can’t they give us exams when we really want them. Guess that’s what life is …. getting things when you don’t really need them. And then spending the rest of your life pretending you don’t really care about things anyway

  3. Im terrible with the fake it thing ive been realising lately.. sheesh. Turns out i might not be the great actor that i always thought lived in me. sigh. I hope you’re managin better!

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