Posted by: akilamoni | April 5, 2008

So who are you??

Our family has this strange habit(apart from sleeping in a car in the parking lot). The minute we see a movies, we immediately latch unto a character and the movie then unfolds to become my/our story!

My uncle believes he is Billy from Polar Express(and the list goes on)

My dad and mum think they are Amitabh and Hema Malini (hold your breath…) in Bhagbhan

MY brother is Rajini no matter what(he was born with a ciggy, I mean Mentos in his mouth)

My sister in law, well she hasnt mentioned her intent of any character until now. But am sure it will be out soon.

So what about me?

I would like to think that I am Holly Golightly, Tangerine etc. But now I have a new character who I think is a dead match!

In the afternoon I was watching the movie, “Little Women” on TV and I found her- Josephine March.

Here is why.

I cant paint- I am not Amy.

I am not the oldest and am not vain-I cant be Meg

I have ambitions and I am not dead with scarlet fever- Not Beth, Nah!

So that leaves us with Jo March

Jo March who is a prolific writer(something that I would like to be but as you can see I am found wanting on just one skill- the writing)

Jo March who has a tendency to chop off her hair ,”her one beauty,” as Amy calls it

Jo who is very outspoken. Her bold nature often gets her into trouble.

The character of Jo is based on Louisa herself.(Irrelevant, but nevertheless doesnt hurt to know more right?)

She dreams of Europe and calls it “My Europe”!!

Jo is tired of Concord and moves to New York only to return back to care for Beth in her last days, when she finds herself wishing for the whole family to be together again.

After the movie ended,driven by boredom, I decided to take a nap only to be rudely awakened by the sound of the door bell.

No one ever visits me and any such intrusions brings an onslaught of highly negative thoughts and sometimes even drives me to open the door with a sharp instrument in hand!

But thankfully it was just the mailman. Oh I had mail! I was handed two envelopes. One carrying my name and the other carrying my mother’s name. Since we have very similar sounding names, I was almost convinced that it was one of those rather rare coincidences where someone had got my name wrong and had written my mother’s name instead! But it was nothing so dramatic. It was just an add on card the credit card company had given which I intend to discontinue immediately!

How Strange I thought! Just her name brought memories flooding back into my head.

And I found myself wanting to just go back to my lazy days in Coimbatore, eating Puri on sunday mornings and just being with everyone who mattered to me.



  1. hehe…I am a virtual mishmash of various pop-culture characters pieced together in my head, will reveal the names of those characters some day :-).

  2. Me..Truman.. i think the world has been created to flummox me:D

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