Posted by: akilamoni | April 19, 2008

Saturday evening Dosa Therapy

My mood state every weekend(except when I am traveling) has been crabby. Oh no! Either I have been sick or have been crabby and one some dreadful days, I have been both!

This saturday has been no different.

It is almost algorithmic. Friday evening I leave in great spirits looking forward to the inactivity of the following two days. I credit myself an early retiral to bed only to wake up completely gloomy.

The gloom of having to spend two days on my own kills the very spirit with which I leave office on friday evening. Suddenly I feel like Atlas carrying the weight of the world while suffering from Scurvy. The cloud of gloom slowly perches itself on my shoulder and spreads like cancer. So by mid morning I am convinced about my cursed state of living.

Saturday brings with it, its share of memories. Memories of useless days spent fruitfully doing nothing. Much like victims of holocaust I start fantasizing of the luxury of living in a place where I have a dining table, Of sitting on a sofa which doesnt poke my posterior. Maybe even a bean bag.

I find myself yearning to go home. Then my logical alter ego takes over and decides that maybe that is not a good deal after all. I convince myself that it is not home I am obssessed with, but actually just the idea of being home.

I wallow in self pity and dramatize my state of living. I convey my blighted state of being(much akin to Jo March) to anyone who would call me. Otherwise I just go about choosing songs that would best fit this sequence had my my life been a movie.

In the midst of this horror movie, comes a whiff of fresh air to lift my already-sagged-to-bottom-of-earth spirits. There is one thing which most definitely cheers me up. It adds the much needed dose of soma in my blood. A Dosa!

Not an idly. Not a vada. But a hot crispy Dosa!

With a dosa neatly settled in my stomach, I cast aside all gloom of unanswered questions, memories of home, longing to be with loved ones and (like a the new Fast Track ad says) Move On! The world suddenly seems a better place to be in!

Oh a Dosa fills me with just enough energy to spend yet another day in Gurgaon and ya if it is a pudina chutney accompanied Dosa, I might even look forward to Monday!

Suddenly my migraine filled life seems liveable. I am suddenly a rock(- The rock feels no pain opined some men!)

C’mon y’all! With a dosa inside, I feel like a hero outside! I think somewhere in our complex double helix of a DNA, the Great One has a secret code for each of us. I think mine is a dosa. What s yours??



  1. It’s this morbid place. Reeks of death and boredom.

    My changes every weekend, once it’s Noodles, once it’s Starcraft (a computer game), sometimes/mostly it’s scourging Landmark.

  2. Ha.. a dosa for you and the special underpants for calvin…funny how all things odd help us cope with life!

  3. Dosa! But now, its the “easiest to make” food for me! But I get it completely, simple pleasures. keep them coming šŸ™‚

  4. Dosa …yummy…

    nice nice…

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